The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 32)

Yes, it's only Monday, but a little break does not hurt anyone. So we decided to change your mind with our top 10 fun and creative tweets of the week.

Let's go for the chronicle #CreaTweets!

"- So, this #ManifForAll?
- Bah awesome, we started from the 20th, we arrived at the 16th.
- Borough ?
- No, century ".

- Ich bin Lepoy (@IamLepoy) October 16, 2016

social erosion.

If Señor Hanouna if, 35 hours of antenna I understand well ... I will look at the stock see what I can do

- Michel-Michel-Michel (@LeKouss) October 13, 2016

ablo Escobar to help C8!

Evils are a whole of being.

- igrèkess (@igrekess) October 14, 2016


The tact is the little powder that you put on the buttocks of your sentences so that they are softer.

- Tite Martini ✒ (@eutite) October 12, 2016

is beautifully said!

For Halloween I disguise myself as a 43-year-old guy who writes "Belle!" Under the 17-year-old Girl Instas pictures.

- Guilhem in Shape (@pornkid) October 12, 2016

The most gloomy disguise of the game!

Like what to stop yelling against Apple huh ... At the overall price it is downright cheaper.

- Fabien V (@ Fabien_v31) October 11, 2016

accessories have their small importance ...

Personally I mostly use my Galaxy Note 7 as a lighter.

- Ramon Pipin (@RamonPipin) October 11, 2016

hacun his use!

It is criticized but Hanouna alone will have done much more harm to the 35h than the 7 candidates for the primary Republicans.

- Olive M (@marcais_olive) October 14, 2016

Policy uestion.

It is the Middle Ages side of my music that has their pleasure.

- WOODKID (@Woodkid) October 16, 2016

Woodkid learns that his day is played at the Manif for All.

Bruno Le Maire if he is elected one would call it President Le Maire? Do not vote for him huh it'll be a mess to explain to the kids

- Quent1 (@QBINZE) October 13, 2016